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The breathtaking county of Donegal is host to such a wide range of attraction where there is sure to be a choice to suit all tastes. The list below is just a small example of some of the wonderful  treats in store during a break to Narin and Portnoo. 

The dolmen at Kilclooney in County Donegal, located behind the local Catholic Church dates from circa. 3500 BC. It is a very fine example of a dolmen, or portal tomb and is thought to be one of the best, if not the best, in Ireland. This structure also predates the structure of Stonehenge. This Dolman also gives its name to the local community centre located opposite the church which is a focal point of life in Narin and Portnoo. 

Travel time from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast - 5 minutes

Inishkeel Island

The heritage town of Ardara located just 8km from the villages of Narin & Portnoo are home to some of the most famous Donegal tweed brands. Many weavers still use looms which have been in use since the 1800s, a highly skilled task that involves perfect co-ordination of both hands and feet which can be viewed. Once woven the cloth is sent to the mill for inspection and darning. Once this is complete it is put through a cleaning process, ironed and is finished to a high standard.

Travel time from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast - 10 minutes

These stunning cliffs located just outside Teelin village in South West Donegal are the tallest marine cliffs in Europe, standing 600m tall, with a breath-taking sheer drop into the Atlantic waves below. However you will find that the drive to the cliffs is an experience in itself . Experienced walkers should make the trek beyond the viewing point onto One Man’s Pass where you will stand on the edge of Europe – not for the fainthearted or a windy day! . If you fancy a maritime adventure, you can gaze up at these magnificent cliffs from the sea on a local boat tour  where you may be lucky enough to get an escort from the area’s friendly dolphins. 

Travel Time from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast - 50 minutes 

Beach Time

Glenveagh National Park is the second largest national park in Ireland being 170 square kilometres of hillside above Glenveagh Castle on the shore of Lough Veagh. The network of mainly informal gardens displays a multitude of exotic and delicate plants from countries as far afield as Chile, Madeira and Tasmania and are sheltered magnificent ornamental rhododendrons. The park is home to the largest herd of red deer in Ireland and the formerly extinct golden eagle were reintroduced into the park in 2000.

Travel time from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast - 1 hour

The early Ecclesiastical Site of Conall Caol. A Celtic Christian settlement was founded on this tidal island in the 6th Century AD. The two ruined churches and the decorated gravestones are later constructions, dating from mediaeval times.

What makes this Donegal island special is that it can be reached at low tide by foot when the tides part to reveal a sandbar that provides a dry path to the island.

Travel time from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast - 0.5km

Kilclooney Dolmen

Sliabh League Sea Cliffs

No trip to Donegal is complete without exploring its miles of golden sandy beachs with one particular highlight being the Blue Flag beach at Narin and Portnoo just 3 minutes walk from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast. With the breakers of the wild Atlantic crashing along the coastline it makes Donegal’s beaches the perfect spot for swimming and watersports or if the weather's fine tojust lay back, soak up the rays and revive the soul.  An invigorating ocean adventure awaits you on your trip to Narin & Portnoo.

Travel time from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast - 0.5kms

Donegal Tweed

Unforgettable Donegal Attractions

Glenveagh National Park & Castle